Every child should have a childhood

Tjeko is a social profit organisation founded for the children of Uganda.

We want to give these children - children living the lives of adults - the opportunity to be a child, to play and to laugh out loud. Because every child has the right to enjoy being young and to experience the benefits of play.

Every child should have a childhood.

In 1989, as many as 194 countries, including Uganda, signed the UNICEF Convention of the Rights of the Child. Article 31 of the Convention emphasizes the right of the child to play.


It reads as follows:

’States parties recognize the right of a child to rest, to engage in play (sports) and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts (imagination).

States parties shall respect and promote the right of a child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provisioning of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.’


Well, in Uganda this right is under pressure (big time). And we’re bringing some relief.

Play is the right of every child

Play is possible: with the Tjeko Fun Fair

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The Fun Fair is a huge mobile play-ground which we set up in a different city every time we’re in Uganda. It consists out of different ‘worlds’, representing different kinds of play.


On the Fair children can jump, dance, create, learn, win, laugh and play freely. Our dream is to be travelling Uganda all year and reaching lot’s and lot’s of children with our fun and attention.

Join the fun

Help us give the children of Uganda time to be a child, spread the word on Facebook and donate for our next big step: Fun Fair all year long. Our Ugandan team is up for it, are you?

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Tjeko is een social-profit organisatie die kinderen de mogelijkheid biedt om kind te zijn. We brengen sport, spel en ontspanning naar kinderen die nagenoeg geen vrije tijd hebben. Spelen is essentieel voor de gezonde ontwikkeling van kinderen: wij zijn ambassadeurs van meer ruimte en tijd om te spelen in ontwikkelingslanden.



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