Enhancing Biodiversity: Planting at Tjeko Fun Village

We have embarked on a mission to enhance forest life and biodiversity at Tjeko Fun Village. Last week, our focus was on planting various plants along the fence between Fun Village and the campsite. We planted a line of diverse plants 1.5 meters away from the fence, with each plant spaced 0.5 meters apart. As … Read more

Keep it clean, keep it green

Last week was dedicated to the environment. Assisted by an environmental group called JCCI, we cleaned the market street in Najja. JCCI is an environmental group actively involved in the community, informing them about the environment, waste management, and tree planting. They set a good example by planting trees along roads and encouraging people to … Read more

Introduction time!

Tjeko is growing! And so does our team.. They are happy to introduce themselves to you. My name is Yabinze Kenneth. I am 26 years old. I got to know Tjeko at the 2019 funfair in Bugembe, where my friend Maron joined and I missed it. I was inspired by my friend to volunteer with … Read more

Playing together, growing together: BERG Toys donates to Tjeko Fun Village in Uganda

BERG Toys has made a fantastic donation to the Tjeko Fun Village in Uganda, which will have a huge impact on the development of playing children in the country. The new play materials that the children will receive will not only make playing more fun and exciting, but will also contribute to their physical, cognitive, … Read more

We did it!

YES! – Together, we made it happen – thank you!🙏🏽 We sincerely thank you for your generous donations towards our Tjeko Fun Village campground project. Your contributions allowed us to purchase high-quality tents that provide a comfortable and safe space for children to create unforgettable memories and have fun while exploring and learning new skills … Read more