COVID19 Response Uganda

Tjeko supports households in the immediate vicinity of our staff, who are hardest hit, through financial support and a helping hand.

What's going on in Uganda ?!

Currently, people worldwide are suffering from the COVID19 pandemic. Some more than others, especially in countries where deaths have been recorded. There are four registered deceased persons in Uganda due to COVID19, although we have registered more than 1000 positive cases to date. At the same time, unfortunately, there are many more deaths related to the limitations from COVID19, such as maternal and infant mortality, limited availability to medical care, malnutrition and the like.

With our community visits, we are helping financially, especially for those most affected, so that they can at least afford the basics of life such as food and medical care. Our main focus is to look at the families that have children so that we can influence the lives of these children outside of play.

Knowing more?

Click here to read the blog of our colleague Alban in Uganda!

Alban Tjeko Uganda COVID19 Actie

Response Tjeko Uganda

Moments like this also offer opportunities and we are stimulated to be creative and innovative! Despite the current situation, Tjeko tries to keep moving by bringing play to children. Initially we do this through a Radio children’s program. Home visits also take place to encourage households and to continue to stimulate children to play and to develop creatively.

In addition, we will support ex-students and families who are hit hard. We can offer protection with (one-off) support. Often families run by children or single mothers.

That is why we are starting a project today to raise funds to help these families. Any help is welcome!