Our vison

A world where all children can laugh, run, jump, and explore carefree, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our vision with Uganda

As Africa’s biggest team of Play Profesionals, we’re giving each child a fun-filled childhood through our social-profit business. 


Our mission

Tjeko believes every child deserves a carefree childhood. That is why we set up a self-sustaining structure in every country where we are present to give children access to a playful life. We do this by means of training, organizing, facilitating and financing.

There are 17,9 million children living in Uganda: that is the number of residents living in the Netherlands plus one million. Most of the children go to school from eight to five. When they come home they have to contribute , and fulfill their chores/tasks like fetching water, taking care of a younger brother or sister…in essence, they do not have a lot of time to spare. 

Added to that is the fact that in most areas, playgrounds or areas for recreation especially for children, do not exist and children have to make their own toys (which also break easily). In Uganda, playing is a luxury, Tjeko wants it to become something that goes without saying – a “matter of fact”. Children should be able to just be children  That is why we provide them with a safe place, a sparkling environment, where they can do what they want to do the most: play!


Tjeko – Every child deserves a childhood


Is playing really that important? Shouldn’t other needs like having access to clean drinking water and medical care have priority? Fortunately there are great organizations actively working to promote and fulfill in these needs, however  fulfilling a in a child’s need to play is also of great importance and shouldn’t be mislooked. We consulted an expert, the Dutch developmental psychologist Steven Pont:

‘Play stimulates the cognitive, physical, socio-emotional and language development more than any other activity. Children who play a lot are therefore more creative, less stressed, less anxious, more language-proficient and more social. […] So playing is not just simply something. Playing unleashes  something within a child. Children will learn better, be more creative and innovative, dare more, and grow into healthier adults if we give them the opportunity to play.

​Help us with that.