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Children should be able to just be children!

Too many children in Africa practically live the lives of adults. Tjeko changes that. We offer a place where children can jump, dance, laugh and dream care free.
Because for a child, playing means Living. 

You can achieve a change of culture, if you can influence different areas of that culture. With our Tjeko Method we not only provide the opportunity for children to develop through play. We also focus on those around the child who can influence this! 

Discover our method!

Tjeko has started developing Tjeko Fun Village, our very own food forest in which we will
develop our Fun Park and Campground!
Follow the developments HERE

Playing is a luxury for children in Africa

At the moment, James has no time to play, that means later in life he will have fewer opportunities for success!

Help James to play!  

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Latest News

Fun Village Under Construction

Update: Developments at Tjeko Fun Village Thanks to our amazing adoption partners (individuals) and development partners (companies), we’ve made tremendous progress at Tjeko Fun Village

Dry season

During the dry season in Uganda, with no rain in sight, we are doing everything we can to prevent our plants from drying out. We

Mother’s day joy

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day! Fortunately, every day feels a bit like Mother’s Day. Mothers provide care, love, meals, clean clothes, life lessons, and

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