General Data and accountability

Name of the institution:

Tjeko Foundation




2447 4023

Mailing Address

Postbus 158, 2800AD Gouda



Children have the right to be children. Play is essential for the development of every child. The Tjeko Foundation promotes this right for children in Uganda.

Genaral policy plan

We receive our income from private individuals, companies and charity organizations. We ensure that the income goes to the activities for which they are intended. Costs of an administrative nature (such as stamps and printed matter), advertising (such as the magazine), travel and accommodation and organizational nature (such as meetings and travel) are necessary for the proper functioning of the Foundation and its activities. The Board of Stichting Tjeko monitors collective costs to keep these costs as limited as possible. The accountability of our donors is therefore of crucial importance and full transparency is therefore pursued. The financial resources that have been provided to us will be used for the activities within the foreseeable future.

In the annual reports, website and through the use of other media, the donors are kept informed of the current affairs of the policy plan, the activities carried out. A balance sheet and an overview of income and expenses with explanatory notes are included in the annual reports


The financial statements are prepared by the Board within 6 months of the end of the financial year. This will be made available on the Tjeko website, Also, through clear information on our website and if possible through the use of film or video, the donors are informed about the progress of our projects.

Board Composition

Chairman: Ferdi van den Bergh

Treasurer: Arjan de Goffau

Board member: Paul Kaars

Board members perform their duties completely unpaid, any travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed.

Annual reports

Tjeko Magazine

Every other year we publish a magazine with our Tjeko stories and developments. Download the digital version here by clicking on the magazine!