Alumni in action

Last week, twelve alumni showed up to be trained for the Radio Programme. We started with an energizer called the memory game. To see if the alumni remembered each other’s names. It was a lot of fun and broke the ice! During the training we focused on a number of important themes that are involved … Read more

The tree of hope!

This muvule tree was cut down a long time ago. After years he tried to fight for his life and failed due to too much sunshine.🌞 This is how it looks right now, after a heavy rain shower! There is progress in growth.💪🏽 Our desire is that everyone who visits the Tjeko Fun Village may … Read more

Partnering with Join the Pipe!

Exciting news! We’re partnering with to share a unique mission: every person a way to simply carry drinking water! Plastic waste is a major polluter of our nature all over the world. Stichting is actively committed to reducing plastic waste by offering environmentally friendly water bottles, filled with #tapwater! Tjeko is proud to … Read more