Tjeko Live on De Schakel

In early April, it finally happened! The very first Tjeko Live program after Covid kicked off again. And what a program it was! The children of De Schakel primary school in Nieuw-Lekkerland recently renovated their playground and also wanted to do something for others when it came to playing!

They dared to bounce on their hop balls to raise money so that children in Uganda can play too! We started off with our interactive primary school project about the importance of play, how much we play in the Netherlands, and how different it is in Uganda!

After school was out and the bell rang, the children got right to it! Alongside neighbors, grandparents, aunts, and uncles…

Two weeks after the fundraiser, we returned to school to bounce for the children in Uganda, and we were flabbergasted that the children had skippyballed over 10,000 euros for the Tjeko Foundation.

Fun fact! The playground at De Schakel Primary School was designed by one of our new partner, Speelmaatje, how nice!

Thank you, De Schakel Primary School, for your time, effort, enthusiasm, and soooo many children who can play because of your help. It was a joy to execute Tjeko Live with you!

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