Mother’s day joy

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day! Fortunately, every day feels a bit like Mother’s Day. Mothers provide care, love, meals, clean clothes, life lessons, and joy… These are just a few things that our mothers give us. Last Sunday, Phiona and Peace paid a visit to their mothers and to women who are role models for them in the community. They surprised them with a little something. We don’t want to withhold those images of joy and fun from you. Check them out below.

Phiona’s mother was ecstatic and incredibly excited to receive a gift from her daughter. Phiona couldn’t wait to dress her mother for the first time. She wishes all mothers a happy Mother’s Day.

In this video, Peace thanks her mother for the constant support and guidance. Her mother, deeply moved, prays for Tjeko’s continued success, for employing her daughter and recognizing them as mothers. She shares a biblical quote on gratitude.

These women formed a small savings group in their neighborhood, with Phiona as the head. Because they are mothers who work hard to ensure they can provide everything for their children, Phionah gifted them 20 kilograms of posho and 4 sachets of salt. They danced, sang, and appreciated Phiona for her gift to them.

We are grateful for the beautiful, hardworking and special women! We celebrate you!

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