Mother’s day joy

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day! Fortunately, every day feels a bit like Mother’s Day. Mothers provide care, love, meals, clean clothes, life lessons, and joy… These are just a few things that our mothers give us. Last Sunday, Phiona and Peace paid a visit to their mothers and to women who are role models … Read more

Tjeko Live on De Schakel

In early April, it finally happened! The very first Tjeko Live program after Covid kicked off again. And what a program it was! The children of De Schakel primary school in Nieuw-Lekkerland recently renovated their playground and also wanted to do something for others when it came to playing! They dared to bounce on their … Read more

Play Together, Grow Together: BERG Toys X Tjeko (Part 2)

In order to allow as many children as possible to enjoy their childhood, we also want to offer them great play experiences. Continuously stimulating their creativity and imagination is essential to foster their development. How do we do that? By playing… It’s as simple as that! With great thanks to the donation from BERG Toys! … Read more

Making impact

According to Albert Einstein, creativity is like intelligence having fun! Creativity is all about turning fresh and imaginative ideas into reality. It means looking at the world in new ways, spotting hidden patterns, connecting things that seem unrelated, and coming up with solutions. By applying creativity to our daily interactions and tasks, we can not … Read more

Making an impact together!

Land Tjeko has been given the incredible opportunity to transform 15 hectares of fertile land into a real Fun Village in a Food Forest. Since the second quarter of 2023, our Fun Village team, led by Nicolas with the support of Sieger, has started developing the food forest. Seven and a half hectares will serve … Read more