Tjeko grows!

Tjeko has never really been an ordinary workplace, but rather a family business. And we (continue to) grow! In recent months we have welcomed four new part-time staff members. All four have worked with Tjeko before, during training or for volunteer work. Now they are building along for a longer period of time. Get to … Read more

Together we can do more!

A while ago I (Aman Seddiqi) passed by ‘The New Givers’. A platform where charities and organisations can share their mission and ask for help from professionals. One of these organisations was Tjeko asking if someone could help with a new design for their white paper. I took on this challenge together with Mirai van … Read more

Age-limitless play

Tjeko Live in the community! Tjeko takes the whole village to have some fun! Last Friday we did a caregivers session with parents who have kids with disabilities in Buwenge. We met 150 caregivers in Buwenge! They have center days for picking medication for their kids with disabilities with the help of Home of Hope. … Read more

Back at it again!

Due the pandemic, everything had shut down. Too much restrictions where placed on almost everything. We had lost hope and developed fear thinking that life will never go back to normal. As a marketer, business was every slow because of the poor economy and that was really scaring me and giving me sleepless nights on … Read more