Making impact

According to Albert Einstein, creativity is like intelligence having fun! Creativity is all about turning fresh and imaginative ideas into reality. It means looking at the world in new ways, spotting hidden patterns, connecting things that seem unrelated, and coming up with solutions.

By applying creativity to our daily interactions and tasks, we can not only offer new perspectives but also bring about positive changes in the places where we are present, enabling us to leave a lasting impact.

As we resume our Tjeko Live lessons in schools, teachers play a pivotal role in influencing the lives of children and fostering their creativity. As caregivers, they need to grasp the concept of creativity and understand how they can assist children in discovering their potentials.

We recognized the importance of informing teachers about the content we deliver to children in schools. To address this, we introduced our caregiver package, emphasizing to teachers that children not only rely on the school curriculum but also thrive in an environment beyond the classroom. Additionally, we provided the Train the Trainer training to further empower educators in nurturing creativity.

Initially, their attention was low, and their body language was not encouraging. However, as educators, we initiated a task that challenged them to think outside the box. This task involved connecting nine dots using only four lines, and at first, none of the teachers managed to solve it. Eventually, they began to actively participate and appreciate our services.

How do you stimulate your work environment or target audience to think outside the box?

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