Making an impact together!

Tjeko has been given the incredible opportunity to transform 15 hectares of fertile land into a real Fun Village in a Food Forest. Since the second quarter of 2023, our Fun Village team, led by Nicolas with the support of Sieger, has started developing the food forest. Seven and a half hectares will serve as the Fruit Forest, while the rest will be planted to support our Fun Village.

We are building Tjeko Fun Village with a focus on the enjoyment and healthy development of all children in Uganda. They are our VIPs, whether they are on our land or participating in our programs at schools, orphanages, and in neighborhoods. We aim to be an example of the impact of play and creative development on children in developing countries, where children often lead adult lives. Our goal is for children to “lose themselves” in a breathtaking environment, regardless of their background.

In 2021, our team indicated that their goal is to have a direct connection with the Ministry of Education in Uganda by 2030, contributing significantly as play professionals to the education system of their country.

With Tjeko’s work, we invest in various communities. Through our play professionals in schools, small villages, urban neighborhoods, and at families’ homes, we make an increasingly significant impact on society. Our presence also extends through Tjeko Radio, spreading our message to a growing group of children and caregivers.

Tjeko Fun Village is located in Nyenga, a ‘newly’ developed city with 50,000 residents, 15 minutes away from Jinja. As a major project in the region, we aim not only to have children come and play but also to serve the local community with our forest.

Adopt a piece of Fun Village!
In December 2023, Jaap and Ank expressed their interest in adopting a part of our Fun Village, providing children the opportunity to experience joy and fun in a carefree and safe environment. We are grateful for their involvement. It is not only an enrichment for the children but also for the broader community in which we are active.

Do you also want to contribute to a safe and carefree environment for children to play and be children? Do you want to see nature flourish on the land, and do you also consider it essential to involve communities in the development of their surroundings? You can make an impact! Click on the flyer to see how you can support Tjeko Fun Village!

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