Team-building day

Written by Phiona and Furgas (Team Uganda)

As we bounced back to work from a two-week holiday, the team leader guided us in a cycling session from the Fun Village to Butembe. This trip helped us reawaken our minds from the holiday break and get our bodies ready for 2024. Along the way, we encountered caregivers and VIPs who recognized us from the drives we made during the Tjeko Fun Festival of 2023. Teamwork was crucial during this trip, as we rode together, ensuring no one was left behind.

The day started off cool, with most of us unsure about the destination. Gradually, the ride continued, and you could see smiles on people’s faces, a clear sign that everyone was enjoying the day and the activity.

During the journey, conversations sparked among us about our holiday activities. After cycling nearly 33 kilometers, tackling six high and stiff hills, we reached Buwagajjo landing site – our destination. The area had a significant population, primarily engaged in fishing, particularly silverfish (called mukene), and cassava farming. Although there was a small field, currently used by fish mongers to sun-dry their fish, it seemed suitable for our Tjeko Tusimbude (outside activity) program.

Excitement filled the air as we realized we had been to this place before during the Tjeko Fun Festival drives in 2022-2023. Children recognized us as “Tjeko,” and we eagerly distributed our flyers. Afterward, it was time to ride back to the Tjeko Fun Village, and this return journey was a mix of bitterness and fun. Despite feeling tired, we persevered, akin to the lessons from the Lily Rose story (The Tjeko Live story about Lili Rose relentlessly pursues her cycling dream as a woman, practicing day and night to qualify for the national competition.) Completing the ride left us all feeling happy and energized. We had faced numerous challenging hills, but we had managed to endure and preserve.

Looking ahead to 2024, we embraced the belief that, regardless of the challenges in our work, we would overcome them and strive to achieve our goals. Thanks to everyone who participated in this memorable experience.

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