Children, small and big ones

More and more people are discovering us—some through Tjeko Live, while others have found us through our marketing efforts or a visit from Fun Services.

We absolutely adore it when schools come to visit us at the Fun Village! It’s an opportunity for them to explore the land and, of course, our fantastic playpark—a spacious area for running, riding skelters, bouncing on trampolines, or biking around!

One amusing part is that it’s not just the children who enjoy it, but also the parents, caregivers, or teachers. It’s almost as if this place is saying, “We’re not just here for your children; we’re here to evoke and create new (and perhaps, relive some missed) childhood memories for you, the older kids.”

Deep down, there’s a child in all of us that yearns to break free occasionally. We all need that freedom, space, and opportunity to play, explore, and simply be ourselves.

At Tjeko, that’s precisely what we strive for—to be that safe haven for children, big or small. 😉

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