Mother’s day joy

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day! Fortunately, every day feels a bit like Mother’s Day. Mothers provide care, love, meals, clean clothes, life lessons, and joy… These are just a few things that our mothers give us. Last Sunday, Phiona and Peace paid a visit to their mothers and to women who are role models … Read more

Tjeko Live on De Schakel

In early April, it finally happened! The very first Tjeko Live program after Covid kicked off again. And what a program it was! The children of De Schakel primary school in Nieuw-Lekkerland recently renovated their playground and also wanted to do something for others when it came to playing! They dared to bounce on their … Read more

Play Together, Grow Together: BERG Toys X Tjeko (Part 2)

In order to allow as many children as possible to enjoy their childhood, we also want to offer them great play experiences. Continuously stimulating their creativity and imagination is essential to foster their development. How do we do that? By playing… It’s as simple as that! With great thanks to the donation from BERG Toys! … Read more

Children, small and big ones

More and more people are discovering us—some through Tjeko Live, while others have found us through our marketing efforts or a visit from Fun Services. We absolutely adore it when schools come to visit us at the Fun Village! It’s an opportunity for them to explore the land and, of course, our fantastic playpark—a spacious … Read more

Back in Uganda after 12 years

– Written by Arwin en Eline Rammeloo Yes! There we were again: back in Uganda after 12 years. It has been too long! A lot has changed since then; we now have 2 children, the roads in Uganda are truly much better, there are many new faces in the team, and Tjeko has its own … Read more

Keep it clean, keep it green

Last week was dedicated to the environment. Assisted by an environmental group called JCCI, we cleaned the market street in Najja. JCCI is an environmental group actively involved in the community, informing them about the environment, waste management, and tree planting. They set a good example by planting trees along roads and encouraging people to … Read more