Back in Uganda after 12 years

– Written by Arwin en Eline Rammeloo

Yes! There we were again: back in Uganda after 12 years. It has been too long! A lot has changed since then; we now have 2 children, the roads in Uganda are truly much better, there are many new faces in the team, and Tjeko has its own piece of land!

In 2011, it felt like pioneering; building the first Tjeko Fun Fairs together (the paint from the mini-golf is still on an old pair of shorts) and bit by bit figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It was clear to us right away: the children need Tjeko.

Now, after a lot of developments, we were back… And it felt like a warm embrace. We thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with old acquaintances and meeting new team members. The conversations were inspiring and motivating; everything is so well thought through and everyone knows their responsibilities. Of course, we read about that regularly in the Netherlands, but seeing and hearing it on the spot says so much more!

Our children (Sem, 11, and Thom, 9) felt completely at home on the Tjeko land. They enjoyed the play equipment, go-karts, and bicycles. And they were treated – just like every child – as VIPs. The staff knew their names, were interested, and took the time to show them around and play with them. Thom even got to walk the guard dogs and help wash the youngest addition (see photo).

Coincidentally, both of them had birthdays during the 2 days we visited the Fun Village. So, we naturally celebrated in the Tjeko way. With beautiful cakes, the Tjeko birthday song, and amazing games.

Finally, we were able to explore the huge land. We walked like true explorers through the vegetation, swamps, and rice fields of the neighbor. Ultimately, we were walking for over an hour and still didn’t see all the corners of the land. However, we noticed that this land has everything. Space for playing, running, and cycling, fruit trees, shade, beautiful views, and if you walk a bit further, a wonderful oasis of peace. The Tjeko team also speaks with admiration and gratitude about the land and all the possibilities it offers.

So much space, so much potential, so many dreams. We look forward with curiosity and confidence to the next 12 (?) years and where we will be with Tjeko by then!

Want to visit Uganda yourself and see with your own eyes how it works? Please contact us via and let’s look at the possibilities!

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