Back in Uganda after 12 years

– Written by Arwin en Eline Rammeloo Yes! There we were again: back in Uganda after 12 years. It has been too long! A lot has changed since then; we now have 2 children, the roads in Uganda are truly much better, there are many new faces in the team, and Tjeko has its own … Read more

Playing together, growing together: BERG Toys donates to Tjeko Fun Village in Uganda

BERG Toys has made a fantastic donation to the Tjeko Fun Village in Uganda, which will have a huge impact on the development of playing children in the country. The new play materials that the children will receive will not only make playing more fun and exciting, but will also contribute to their physical, cognitive, … Read more

Alumni in action

Last week, twelve alumni showed up to be trained for the Radio Programme. We started with an energizer called the memory game. To see if the alumni remembered each other’s names. It was a lot of fun and broke the ice! During the training we focused on a number of important themes that are involved … Read more

We continue to build!

Now that the Tjeko Fun Festival has started, the building doesn’t stop! We just keep going.. In addition to the Fun Village, we look forward to developing the campground and the food and – climb forest. CampgroundThere will be a camping field where organization, churches, schools and families can stay with their children in the … Read more