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In 2022, we announced that you could adopt a piece of Fun Village to help us invest, build, and develop.

And now, in 2023, new adoption partners are joining our mission! We are very happy and grateful for this!

By signing up as an adoption partner, you are investing in land, community, and children! What does that entail? By adopting a piece of land, you can contribute to the long-term growth and flourishing of Tjeko Fun Village, everyone who visits it, and everyone we come into contact with. With just €10 per m² per year, you can make a tangible impact that will bear fruit for years to come.

As a donor, you are investing with us in:

  • Land: Tjeko’s Fun Village is the vibrant heart of all Tjeko events. Our 15-hectare site is being transformed into a beautiful food forest, playground, and campground. Here, children, families, and communities can enjoy outdoor activities, recreation, and the beauty of nature.
  • Community: In addition to children and youth, we also focus on caregivers through the Tjeko Method. This way, we reach everyone in the community!
  • Child: The Play Park is continuously organized at Fun Village, the place where children from diverse backgrounds come together to play carefree. Your adoption enables us to give individual attention to each child, allowing them to experience relaxation by simply being a child through play. Play is essential for their development, teaches important skills, and boosts self-confidence. We believe that joy and fun should be a fundamental right of every child

Jan and Miranda, Peter and Mei, Linda and Petri are new owners of a piece of land in the Fun Village. By participating, they are not only contributing to creating a sustainable future but also experiencing the joy of contributing to the development of a thriving community.

Do you also want to make an impact? Adopt now! Click the button!

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You will receive from us:

  • Regular updates on the development of your adopted piece of land!
  • A personalized Adoption Certificate as proof of your involvement!
  • The endless feeling of satisfaction that you are contributing to creating fun, growth, and positive change for children on your adopted piece of land!

Together, we are building a better future for land, community, and children!

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