Keep it clean, keep it green

Last week was dedicated to the environment. Assisted by an environmental group called JCCI, we cleaned the market street in Najja. JCCI is an environmental group actively involved in the community, informing them about the environment, waste management, and tree planting. They set a good example by planting trees along roads and encouraging people to take care of them.

In addition, last week we shared a video about Mr. Clean from Tjeko Comedy. Mr. Clean visits different neighborhoods to raise awareness about the importance of respecting nature and cleaning up waste. This video caught the attention of several directors from an organization called CEMCOD. CEMCOD is an organization for community reporters, giving a voice to the voiceless within the community. They also organize debates on environmental topics. They became interested in the subject of waste management and organized a debate with the motion: “Are we building Jinja city based on the principle of environmental justice?”.

We were given five minutes to speak about Tjeko and our environmental efforts. We took this opportunity to tell them about the reusable bottles from Joined the Pipe, and of course, we did it with some humor and fun!

Opportunities are meant to be seized. What will you tackle today?

Watch our episode on Mr. Clean here!

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