Introduction time!

Tjeko is growing! And so does our team.. They are happy to introduce themselves to you.

My name is Yabinze Kenneth. I am 26 years old. I got to know Tjeko at the 2019 funfair in Bugembe, where my friend Maron joined and I missed it. I was inspired by my friend to volunteer with Tjeko, and I didn’t want to miss the next academy in 2020. Unfortunately, our academy was canceled due to COVID-19, but I still followed Tjeko on the radio and social media. Finally, I joined through the academy in 2022. Together with Robert and Harriet, I work on the land, providing security for all Tjeko properties. I believe in teamwork.

My name is Namuya Harriet. I am 22 years old. I got to know Tjeko at the Fun Fair in 2019 where I brought my younger brothers and sisters to play. I was very happy to see them having fun. They really enjoyed it, and I loved the working environment with children. I couldn’t miss the next Fun Fair in 2020, which ended before graduation. The country went into lockdown, and I got a job in a certain organization as a caretaker for children. In 2022, I received information about the upcoming Fun Fair, and I happily resigned from my paying job to go through the Tjeko Academy. My dream was to become a Tjeko volunteer because the playful working environment stuck in my mind, and I used to dream of playing on the different play equipment freely. I love working with children. Together with Kenneth and Robert, I believe in teamwork. Working with Tjeko was my dream, and now I am living my dream. I will ensure that Fun Village is secure and ready for the VIPs to have some Tjeko. In Tjeko, safety comes first.

My name is Sande Robert. I am 29 years old and a neighbor of Fun Village. I learned about Tjeko through our local leaders, who told us they were our new neighbors. Through Okecho, I learned more about what it’s all about. I was part of the local team that cleared the land, where I was informed about Tjeko and became interested. I asked if there was any chance of joining the team. Through the academy in 2022, I joined Tjeko and have been enjoying working as a volunteer, which has also added value to my village. Now, I am working on Fun Village, providing security together with the security team. I am so happy to work with the Tjeko team, which motivates me to give my all.

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