Enhancing Biodiversity: Planting at Tjeko Fun Village

We have embarked on a mission to enhance forest life and biodiversity at Tjeko Fun Village. Last week, our focus was on planting various plants along the fence between Fun Village and the campsite.

We planted a line of diverse plants 1.5 meters away from the fence, with each plant spaced 0.5 meters apart. As we have a large quantity of white plants, we decided to combine a mix of white, red, and yellow species. This combination is not only visually appealing but also attracts a diverse range of animals, promoting biodiversity.

To ensure the plants thrive, we water them in the morning and evening. This routine keeps them fresh and hydrated, allowing them to adapt to the soil in Fun Village. Regular watering will continue until the plants become established. Trimming will be done as needed to maintain their growth and harmony with the surroundings.

The plants create an enchanting and welcoming atmosphere for visitors while also supporting the local ecosystem.

At Tjeko Fun Village, we are committed to promoting forest life and biodiversity. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a sustainable sanctuary at Tjeko Fun Village.

*During the planting process, we were surprised by a visit from this chameleon amidst the greenery.

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