Play Together, Grow Together: BERG Toys X Tjeko (Part 2)

In order to allow as many children as possible to enjoy their childhood, we also want to offer them great play experiences. Continuously stimulating their creativity and imagination is essential to foster their development. How do we do that? By playing… It’s as simple as that!

With great thanks to the donation from BERG Toys!
A year ago, the filling of this container began. From the Netherlands to the heart of Uganda and now on the grounds of Tjeko Fun Village! Unpacking the container itself was a celebration, and assembling this playground served as an excellent team-building exercise. And now, after hard work, much sweat, and satisfaction, the first children have had the opportunity to enjoy this new play equipment.

Our Fun Village is gradually expanding into an increasingly complete playground! Witness how the play equipment found a nice spot and was immediately tested by the children and our own staff!

Little Angels Junior School from Jinja City is being recorded in our archives as the first school to test our newly installed swings at Tjeko Fun Village.

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