Fun Village Under Construction

Update: Developments at Tjeko Fun Village

Thanks to our amazing adoption partners (individuals) and development partners (companies), we’ve made tremendous progress at Tjeko Fun Village over the past few weeks. Here’s a glimpse of our recent developments:

  • New Roads: We’ve started constructing new roads leading to Fun Village. This not only greatly improves our accessibility but also benefits the surrounding area. There’s widespread gratitude, although a few neighbors still need some help understanding the importance of these changes.
  • Relentless Teamwork: Our team is working in shifts, seven days a week, to make the most of the machinery. As a result, we’ve already laid 1.5 kilometers of new roadway, finished with locally-sourced marum.
  • Land Development: Significant progress is also happening on the land itself. We can’t wait to capture and share drone footage of these developments. Maybe we’ll even see new images on Google Maps soon!

Join Us!

Want to contribute to this fantastic project? Become an adoption partner and help us make Tjeko Fun Village an even more amazing place!

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Together, we’re making Tjeko Fun Village an unforgettable experience for everyone!

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