Longing for..

Sing a new song! Have you ever sung a new song? That you were murmuring and thinking ‘oh this is pretty catchy!’

That is how it feels with the Tjeko family. It’s catchy, takes you on an adventure and leads you on a path of joy, song and playfulness.

”T.J.E.K.O” = fun, laughter and hilarity.

I hear the children singing on the streets in Uganda, when our team passes by and are recognized by their orange and blue well-known Tjeko shirts.

Tjeko uganda smile child glimlach kind skelter berg toys
Tjeko uganda smile child glimlach kind skelter berg toys
Tjeko uganda smile child glimlach kind skelter berg toys

How I long to hear those voices again. The abundant faces of joy. The voices of the future. Maybe still young or small, but they have so much potential and strength in them. More than we sometimes realize.

17.9 million children live in Uganda. Most of them go to school from eight to five. Unfortunately not at the moment due to the Covid-19 measures. At home they do their bit: fetching water, taking care of a younger brother or sister and other daily household tasks … In short, there is not much time left to play.

Add to that the fact that in most areas there are no playgrounds or places especially for children and that children often make their own toys.

Playing is a luxury in Uganda, Tjeko wants it to be a matter of course. Because a child must be able to be a child. We give them a safe place, a sparkling environment, where they can do what they love to do: play!

And we look forward to that, we stand and we go for it! Will you join us on an adventure?
Tjeko – Every child deserves a childhood

tjeko uganda skippy bal child fun

Is playing really that important?

Playing unleashes something. Children will learn better, be more creative and innovative, dare more, and grow into healthier adults if we give them the opportunity to play.

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