Our Method

Tjeko is a SOCIAL-PROFIT organization that is committed to making children a real child. Through sports, games and fun we help them develop into more resilient adults.

Activities of Tjeko Afrika

Tjeko Live

At primary schools in Africa we are active with a series of teaching programs “The Power of Imagination and Creativity” . The Tjeko LIVE school program is supported by locally trained game and communication specialists. They visit schools and give them a series of lessons and activities. In addition, they offer teachers and childcare workers special workshops. 

Tjeko Academy

Tjeko not only wants to give people something, but also equips them. We consciously collaborate with organizations and individuals on site. Through the Tjeko Academy, young adults in Africa are trained to lead the Fun Fair. They receive training in, among other things, child work, leadership, presentation and communication. In addition, Tjeko encourages them to work constructively on their future, and provides them with useful tools for this.

The Tjeko Academy is primarily intended to train skilled and enthusiastic supervisors. The young adults take the acquired knowledge and skills with them and also benefit from it outside the Fun Fair.

Tjeko Fun Fair

A gigantic playground where children can fully enjoy themselves for one day. Think of go-karts, skippy balls, trampolines, air cushions, but also theater, creativity and relaxation. Forms of play and fun that African children can usually only dream of. The children are led from activity to activity and play, laugh, learn and enjoy throughout the day.

Tjeko Fun Services

Tjeko Fun Services is the Social Enterprise part of Tjeko. Our local team rents out the Tjeko Fun materials and sets off for parties and events. With the rental of the materials, income is generated to pay for the Tjeko activities.
The goal is that every team grows towards more financial self-reliance.

Activiteiten van Tjeko nederland

Tjeko Live

Tjeko LIVE Netherlands is a versatile primary school project that consists of various components:

  • A great show by Tjeko employees
  • Beautiful teaching materials developed by Tjeko (in collaboration with external experts)
  • A big fun (d) raiser, entirely in the style of the Ugandan Tjeko Fun Fair

Tjeko LIVE is an educational and social development-oriented project that children enjoy. At the same time, this is one of our most valuable ways of fundraising.