Tjeko NL meets Tjeko Uganda

welcome to Uganda...

Last week Matthijs van de Wetering was in Uganda to work on Organization, Finance & Administration and Marketing & Networks together with the local Tjeko Team in Jinja.Work hard and enjoy a week! “Work hard, play hard,” Ferdi van den Bergh would say.

tjeko team jinja uganda meeting
tjeko team uganda nieuwe helmen boda boda

The team has achieved a lot in recent months. They have grown strongly as a team, are individually stronger in their shoes and we see beautiful results from that. The range and activities are expanding every week. Some 1,000 children were reached last week.

Tjeko Live is received with enthusiasm at primary schools, more and more families are finding Tjeko Park during the weekend and Tjeko Fun Services are realizing more rental activities every week. The team now even has to sell ‘no’!  

tjeko live jinja uganda dance child
tjeko uganda berg trampolienes

We are so grateful to see the development of Tjeko Uganda happen. Thank you all for supporting Tjeko’s work. Our vision to reach children through play and creativity, through local offices and local people as the main drivers, becomes reality!

Matthijs enjoyed the entire week! Wonderfully practical and sober at work. Let’s go ahead and enjoy the ride.

See you soon Team Tjeko Uganda!

Big ❤and webal njol ma ssebo and njabo!

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