Tjeko’s indispensable volunteers

Today through the eyes of Judith...

Behind the scenes of Tjeko in the Netherlands there are many volunteers who work every week. Who are they? Why are they involved with Tjeko? What makes them excited about Tjeko? In the coming weeks we will introduce a number of volunteers to you.

This week we introduce to you:

Judith Koetsveld - Kreuzen

projectmanager/advisor for making Tjeko future proof. 

How did you get involved with Tjeko? 

I came to learn of Tjeko through my colleague Jaap Paardekooper. Jaap was so enthusiastic about this club (people) and what they do in Uganda, that I went along once. When you meet the rest of the team and hear and see what they achieve together, you want to do your part.

Why do you want to commit to Tjeko? 

Everyone’s boundless commitment makes you feel valued and engaged quickly. Everyone does what he or she is good at and builds the organization together. Seeing actual results in Uganda also makes it a rewarding way to commit yourself to a good cause.

What makes you enthusiastic about Tjeko? 

The concrete results that Tjeko has achieved in Uganda, namely giving children a carefree day through play. In addition, we see that the organization in Uganda is becoming more and more independent and they learn how to run an organization. In this way we also train people there and we can not only do something for the children there, but also be a kind of training center for starters on the labor market. I don’t work with the Ugandan myself, so for me personally the Dutch team I work with are what makes it fun. Although “Dutch” people are not correct given the international team and Ugandophiles (is that a word?).

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