Back at it again!

Due the pandemic, everything had shut down. Too much restrictions where placed on almost everything. We had lost hope and developed fear thinking that life will never go back to normal. As a marketer, business was every slow because of the poor economy and that was really scaring me and giving me sleepless nights on how I can find clients.

As Tjeko Staff, when we heard that the president was going to open schools, we made sure that we take all necessary measures to see that we can access schools. But still the worry was… schools have tight programs; will they allow us to access to their premise? The answer was always a no. We kept on pushing and praying for God’s guidance.

I now feel so happy that yesterday, 9.2.2022 I was able to move to schools. For sure they were 4 schools and they were all so welcoming. They were liking each and everything I was telling them to bring their pupils to Tjeko Park to play as a way of making their pupils creative, focus in class because their mind is always energized and motivated through play.

It was at Mission Foundation where I found the pupils in their lunch time break. I heard the sound of their voices screaming and jumping so loud on the schoolyard. They were indeed happy, freely playing with one other. They were enjoying their childhood. Immediately I felt like life was back!

We are now free, we are going to change life, we are to create feature inventors. Really, we’ve been missing this. Some of the children recognized me! Then they were asking about our different play days like; The nursery school fun day and Fun Fairs. I realized they were missing Tjeko. I told them, ‘’ we are here back-blessed to stay and to see that every child celebrates his/her childhood.

Written by Phiona Nakadama – Tjeko Marketeer.

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