Healthy roots..

Via LinkedIn I was tagged by my colleague in the video below. A video that beautifully illustrates the importance of play and creativity! As lighthearted as it is, it can be so profound. Read my thoughts on it below:

The person who shared this video wrote the following about it:

Growing up without a rubber tile paradise and playground quality seal of approval of the climbing frame. Sometimes it can go terribly wrong. A lot goes wrong a while later with the kids who haven’t climbed trees too.’

And that last sentence got me thinking!

We deprive children of the opportunity to discover themselves and the world when they are not playing. Rather an intense statement? Yes, I understand that, but what is more intense/difficult, becomes visible in the longer term!

The importance of play is greatly underestimated. Children need to experience that they can solve something themselves. It increases their creativity and confidence. They learn to work together and push boundaries. In this way, children practice social behavior.
So the one thing has to do with the other and that’s not so strange..😉

If we want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we must also make healthy choices.

  • Less headache? Drink more water or take a walk in the fresh air.
  • Want to feel more balanced in your body? Try a dish that contains a lot of vegetables.
  • Feeling tired? Maybe you should go to bed on time more often, to get the rest you need?

These are all examples that I (to be honest) struggle with from time to time.

Like we said, one has to do with the other..

What healthy choices are you going to make for yourself, for a better, healthier, happier you? And what healthy choices do we make for our children and young people, who will follow us and are the future? I challenge you to think about this.

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