Heroes on wheels

Heroes on wheels

In November 2019, a group of 16 enthusiastic 12GoBiking colleagues embarked on an unforgettable journey to Uganda, Africa.

This remarkable group of people had an exciting time that laid ahead of them.

Together with the staff of Tjeko Uganda, this group of men helped a large group of children to learn how to ride a bicycle for the very first time. What an amazing sight! 16 brave men helping 1600 brave children in the saddle.

Not only that but – the 12GoBiking team also trained the Tjeko staff in:

  • How to assemble the bicycles
  • How to do maintenance to the bicycles
  • How to repair a tire puncture
  • And even teaching some of the staff how to swim!
Tjeko 12gobiking onderhoud fietsen uganda sponsoring
Tjeko live 12gobiking uganda
tjeko live uganda 12gobiking sponsor

Under the name bikes 4 africa the 12GoBiking team supports a wide range of projects in Africa with bicycles. They also support the work of the Tjeko organisation.

➡️ Especially now, during this time of the corona-crisis and world wide Covid-19 lockdown, the bikes come in very handy. A total lockdown has been announced in Uganda, which means that everyone should stay at home for a period of six weeks. No public transport, no cars, even no wheel carts are allowed… no transport is allowed at all… except… the bicycle!

The bicycles that 12GoBiking (and the good cause tankstation De Baanderij) have donated to Tjeko have been used with great appreciation.

Look at the message that we received from our team leader Alban:
‘Please thank 12GOBiking for the bikes they donated. Bikes and bodas are the only means of transportation in Uganda at the moment.’

Now that we live in extraordinary times where we have to adhere to measures that feel unnatural, in Uganda it happens that a lot of things literally  draw to a halt. 

The tjeko team is currently working hard on a programme to reach children as soon as possible. How will we do that, you may ask? We are still keeping that to ourselves.  But chances are that the bicycles from 12GoBiking will be a part of that plan.

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