The world has come to a standstill, but being a child continues…

It seems that everything has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus, and so our activities in Uganda have also come to a temporary pause. In Uganda you see empty streets and classrooms that were once filled with children, are now replaced by emptiness. 

We have also come to a standstill…

In the Netherlands, there has been a national ban since March, and measures have been taken and change regularly. We wash our hands more frequently than usual. In Uganda, the talk of the day is also about the corona. Due to the lockdown, freedom of movement has been widely restricted. 

This also has an impact om our dear team. Not only has the annual Tjeko funfair been placed on hold, but the Tjeko Fun services and the Tjeko live programmes at schools are not continuing at this moment. 

corona tjeko handenwassen oeganda instructie waterenzeep

Good news!

Just before the lockdown, the team in Uganda were able to complete the Tjeko Academy. A group of thirty five youth and young adults were able to complete the programme and were trained in different personal areas. They learned about the different learning styles, they practiced different interpersonal communication skills and learned in depth about the importance of creativity for child development. 

tjeko academy play team play jongeren ontwikkeling


In spite of all the uncertainty and changes that we have experienced, we still have hope. Moments like these also present us with new opportunities and we are inspired to be creative and innovative. 

We are searching for ways to stay active and to stay connected with one another. We do this of course in our own familiar way, in a playful way! We are busy developing beautiful new things. We will update  you soon. Keep following us for more updates! 

tjeko academy studenten 2020 meeting play

We wish you a nice Tjeko week,

with a lot of fun and laughter!

Reviews by the Tjeko Academy students 2020

“I learned to be brave in a big groupm the Academy helped me to develop more self-confidence. I learned to talk to a big group of people and to present in front of such a group, in front of people I have never met before.” – Nakintu Sheillah 

“The Tjeko Academy is a great initiative that you wpuld’nt want to deprive anyone of, it is a wonderfully informative and interactive experience, where you get new ideas. You get the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences with others and you make new friends, and learn how to interact with children.” – Musula Isaac

“I have learnt how to deal with anxiety and shame. I was very shy and didn’t dare to talk to others. Through the Tjeko team, I have learned to overcome my fears and to turn my fears into new challenges that I could learn from.” – Zaharah Naziwa

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