Inspiring teambuilding day

Written by Brenda (Tjeko Fun Services)

As a Team, we got a new experience of working outside the office environment and it was mind refreshing!

We went to the Busowoko Falls, a trip of 50 kilometers back and forth. Some of us learned to ride a bike a few years ago.. Some of us have never ever biked this many kilometers before and look at what kind of beautiful places it’s bringing us.

When we arrived at the Busowoko Falls, people started asking us questions about the transport (bikes) we use. They got interested and we were able to do some marketing for our items.

We got inspired by the environment with new ideas of how best we can make our Fun Village memorable. For example: a place to take pictures. We believe that when a child gets to visit the Fun Village, it will leave them with a lifelong tangible memory for every.

As a Team we got to interact more with each other as far as improving our departments. We also interacted with the management of Busowoko Falls on how they make their payments favourable to the public.

On our way back, we were determined to ride back this many kilometers and finish successfully. We thanks God who guided and protected us through out this Team Building Session.

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