Mr Clean and Tjeko in the community

A while ago, we embarked on a special outing with MR. Clean and Tjeko 😃 to Kiyindi Market. Alongside countless children 👧👦, we cleaned up the surroundings 🧹. The community greatly appreciated our visit 🙌, especially because the children were still enjoying their summer holiday ☀️ and the mobile play park we brought along. This gave them something to look forward to 🤩.

For many in the neighborhood 🏘️, our play equipment was new and seen in their area for the first time 👀. Additionally, we organized an outdoor performance 🎭 for the children, allowing us to create beautiful memories together 📸.

We even had the chance to talk to a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 that regularly listens to the Tjeko RadioShow on Saturdays 📻. They kindly requested us to come back and share more about play and its importance🤗.


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