Tjeko is building Africa’s first Fun Village!

Tjeko Fun Village is a place where childrens creative development is our main focus! A place where children can laugh, play, dance and simply be children! But Tjeko Fun Village is much more than that. Our desire is to build a Child Development Center that will be able to inspire and train others to do the same! Together with you, we want to create a place that can inspire authorities, teachers, care givers and parents to invest in a healthy childhood for all children. A childhood filled with room to play, take part in sports and with room for lots of creative development. Follow our page for the latest updates!     

Do you want to invest in the growth of child, community and land? That’s possible! Check out our flyer and see how you can contribute! It’s very easy by adopting 1m2 of land for € 10 per year!

Latest update: DECEMBER 15, 2023
We have reached 1379 of our 2000m2 goal for 2023!

Latest News

Become an adoptionpartner!

In 2022, we announced that you could adopt a piece of Fun Village to help us invest, build, and develop. And now, in 2023, new

Tjeko Magazine 2023!

Yes! Our Tjeko Magazine 2023 is out! With the theme: The Power of Opportunity! What opportunities have you had in your life that you have