Tjeko’s mission in Uganda

– Written by Ferdi

After nine months during which our team had the privilege of welcoming many children, both on our premises and in collaboration with schools and the community, I can finally return to the jewel of Uganda! Fantastic.

Upon arrival in Uganda, we were immediately immersed in the world of Tjeko, an initiative to which we are closely connected and which has a clear mission: to create Africa’s largest team of play professionals to provide every child with an unforgettable childhood. And we do this through our social enterprise.

The Team & First Impressions
Together with Mirai, who has been here multiple times, and Arjan, for whom everything is new, we are experiencing the work and culture of Tjeko. Arjan is amazed and warmed by the team’s genuine hospitality. It’s wonderful to see how our friends, such as Alban, Peace, and Bosco, dedicate themselves to this project with so much passion. But they are no longer a small team! We now have 17 full-timers and a whole team of volunteers on board!

Strengthening the Team
A key focus of this trip was redefining roles and responsibilities within the team. We recognized the importance of relieving Alban of his role as a team leader. By giving new leaders the opportunity to develop, we ensure the future growth and stability of Tjeko. It’s beautiful to see how this organic process presents so many opportunities.

Sustainability & The Food Forest
Together with Sieger, our consultant from Kampala, we spent two intensive days building the Food Forest. We opted for a unique approach in which the planted crops complement each other. This promises a bountiful harvest next year, with full production in three years.

Tjeko Fun Village in Development
Signs of growth are visible everywhere. The campgrounds are becoming more concrete, with clearly marked spots for the seven different locations. And then there’s the large skelter park, for which designs are currently being created. These will be executed entirely in the Tjeko cartoon style, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

The trip confirmed all the progress we’ve made, but there is still so much to do. That’s why I warmly call on you: Adopt a piece of Fun Village and contribute to this beautiful dream.

Visit our page and join in!

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