Food Forest in action!

This month it’s Treevember! A month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of trees for our environment and our planet. We’re also actively involved in planting trees and plants in Uganda. We’d love to tell you more about it!

Progress is being made: Our projects are making significant progress, with a focus on planting the food forest, developing the camping site, and constructing the playground. In October, the team marked boundaries and roads, planted trees and hedges, and established a bamboo forest. They also made progress with the design of the camping site and the new restroom facilities.

The food forest is taking root: In the first week of November, 750 trees and perennial plants were planted in the food forest. The land has been cleared, and preparations are being made to secure the necessary inputs and cuttings for planting. This effort will provide a source of shade, visibility, and future food production.

Development of the camping site is taking shape: With the final design of the camping site in place, the team is now focused on implementing the design on the ground. Two camping pods have already been set up. Trees have also been planted around the pods to create a lush and inviting environment for visitors. (Soon more!)

The playground is gearing up for trampolines: November is a busy month for the Fun Village team. In addition to planting the food forest, they will also be busy explaining and training staff on planting methods, sowing vegetable seeds among the trees, setting up camping sites, and continuing the development of the playground.

The project is making steady progress, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the team, as well as your loyal support, whether financial or in kind. We are committed to meeting deadlines and ensuring that the project is completed at a high standard.

Would you like to help make the project a success? Click on this link to see how you can contribute!

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