Team Uganda Update

Team Uganda Update // We are busy! As a team we are looking at how we can become even better as an organization. How we can grow even more and reach many people, especially children, with our mission.

The ‘normal work’ also continues. Such as our KidsRadio Program, which we have developed over the past year. We have now run two seasons of 12 episodes. We encourage the children through our interactive Radio program and share our Tjeko stories with them. Children today can learn about the importance of play in this way. During the program we also take time to address parents about the importance of play and how to inspire and nurture creativity in their children in our session called the caretakers message.

On February 7, we were back on the radio with lesson 3 and episode 3. With the theme inventors are problem solvers. During this lesson, the children learn that you can solve problems with creativity. The children are reminded of the invention of the growing shoes.

After this we will move on to episode 1 lesson 4, creativity is everywhere. We are going to look at how animals use their creativity by blending  in and standing out.

Storage // Recently, our storage space with all our Tjeko materials that we use during the Fun Fair and Fun Services, had a major ‘spring’ cleaning and clearance. Ibrahim and Jacob are busy with the maintenance work on the bicycles and go-karts so that the children can use them safely.

Tjeko Live // ​​We are developing stories for Tjeko Live. We are in the middle of the writing phase. For example, how do you tell a good story? Where do you put the focus? And how do you keep it interesting?

Peace has been granted permission to run our Tjeko Live program in the communities and schools starting next month.

Marketing department // Phiona is working on contacting 60 new organizations with the help of Peace, Brenda and Jacob where we can hopefully carry out our services such as Tjeko Live or Tjeko Fun Services. Last month we had a birthday party where we hosted the playing area. 

We are already active in the Hang-out for our Fun Services. Brenda and Jacob look for new places with the help of the team to establish places of play.

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