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Covid-19 has caused many challenges in Uganda. The country, work and personal life of the people have been heavily influenced by the current measures. Our team in Jinja, Uganda is also affected by this. They are pretty stuck at the moment! Due to COVID-19, all schools are closed and the roads are empty because travel is no longer allowed. Except for bicycles, public transport is also suspended.

Everything has literally come to a stand still, there is no movement, everyone is at home and must also be home before a certain time. Our Tjeko Uganda Jinja team wants to keep on moving. They want to continue to encourage and stimulate children to be children! Especially during this time it is essential!

They want to do this by starting a Radio program aimed at and for kids! In recent weeks, our team has been developing and writing this program to reach the children.

Kids Uganda Tjeko Live Play

The team also wants to visit different households in different neighborhoods to talk about hygiene/covid-19 and talk to them about the importance of play.

As Tjeko, we think about how we can help, especially the children who cannot go to school and have no food, because no one is allowed on the street. People suffer from this. We want to keep reaching people.

Together we are stronger and it´s possible.

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