Tjeko’s indispensable volunteers

Today through the eyes of Jeroen...

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of volunteers that commit themselves every week  to Tjeko’s work. Who are they? Why are they involved with Tjeko? What makes them enthusiastic about Tjeko? In the following weeks we will introduce our volunteers to you.

Last month we introduced Judith Koetsveld-Kreuzen to you. 

This month, all the way from Belgium Kaart Van België En De Belgische Vlag Illustratie Royalty Vrije ..., Jeroen Rotty! Jeroen has his own company Sitefly. He builds and designs websites.

Role at Tjeko:

Website administrator

How did you become involved with Tjeko?

After WordCamp Rotterdam, a hackathon was planned during the night. As WordPress fanatics, we started to help nonprofits with a (new) website with WordPress. I had not registered in advance but was interested when I heard the plans. When the hackathon started, I joined the Tjeko group at the introduction and we worked on the site all night. Ever since the hackathon, I still help the Tjeko team fulfill their wishes on the web.

Why do you want to commit to Tjeko?

As a child I had the freedom to play a lot, when I got to know Tjeko’s projects, I immediately realized that this is really a must, to allow children the time and opportunity to play. The project is close to my heart.

What makes you enthusiastic about Tjeko?

The vision, the willpower in all projects. I really like what Tjeko does and achieves!

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Do you like to roll up your sleeves together with others? Which can! We regularly have projects where we can use some extra help. Contact us using the form below.

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