A while back we shared with you the story of how Tjeko started.

When the founders, Ferdi and Tatiana van den Bergh, were in Uganda in 2008, they were looking for a place where their daughter Maëlle could play. The only place they could find, turned out to be the playground of an orphanage. When Maëlle was playing there, they saw the village children on the other side of the fence peeping through the fence. They also wanted to go in and play on the orphanage’s playground!

After their visit to Uganda, the dream arose to create a way and place where every child could really just be a child! To realize this dream, quite a bit of money was needed… Ferdi and Tatiana searched within their network for volunteers who wanted to help realize their dream!

With a group of friends and acquaintances they got the cool idea to jump! To jump?! Yes, Skydive4Tjeko was one of the first big fundraisers Tjeko organized to create the first Funfair in Uganda.

The experiences of their friends were great. Skydiving has been on Tatiana’s bucket list for a long time – especially jumping for a good cause! It was one of the most thrilling things that she has ever done, Tatiana later said. 

                 We are grateful for the people who believe in our mission and jumped with us. 


The reactions were overwhelming! There was a jumper for every letter of Tjeko’s motto! As many as 31 volunteers jumped to raise funds for the cause. A large part of this group are still active as volunteers at Tjeko!

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