Behind the scenes at Tjeko, there are a lot of volunteers who are actively involved and work towards Tjeko’s mission every week. In recent months we introduced you Koetsveld-Kreuzen and Jeroen Rotty.

In addition to our enthusiastic volunteers, we would also like to introduce you to one of our financial supporters.

This week we would like to introduce you to Sjacko Nap, from Splinter, voice & data

Tjeko Sjacko Nap Splinter voice data

Tjeko is committed to children in Africa. Playing is essential for the healthy development of children: we are ambassadors for more space and time to play in Africa. We can reach many more children with our development partners!

Sjacko, would you like to tell us what kind of work you do and where you work? I am an account manager at Splinter Mobiel, we are a Telecom company. I am partly responsible for the sales, but because we are a small company I am involved in almost all parts of the business.

Recently you have chosen to support us, how did you become involved with us? That’s a good question! The first time I heard from Tjeko was when a good friend of mine did an internship there. In addition, we spoke to Ferdi last year and he told us about Tjeko.

What made you decide to support us?  That is quite special. Last year we made the decision to invest part of our proceeds into two organizations in whose mission we believed. During that time I was praying and suddenly I was thinking very strongly about Tjeko during my prayer. Then I got the idea that I should invite Ferdi and contacted him. He visited us and as I mentioned above he told us about Tjeko.

What makes you excited about Tjeko? I remember Ferdi talking to us about the positive impact that playing has on a child, and that it dawned on me that you not only give children a good time, but by letting children play you can completely change their future perspective. And if you give children the opportunity to play, you can positively influence the future and the development of one city and even one country. I never thought playing could make such a big difference.

What did you prefer playing as a child? What would you possibly have done differently or more of?  I was always playing football a lot. Outside and in our house. And even in my bedroom, full matches were played in which I often scored crucial goals and /or made great saves. It made a difference that I was the keeper as well as the striker, so I could always determine the result myself ..;) At the time I was mainly inspired by Sjakie’s wonder slippers. Just look it up.

You recently had a daughter yourself, What are your future dreams for her when it comes to being a child? That she will really experience the freedom and safety to just be a child. And that she is in no way hindered in this. We, as parents, need the necessary wisdom for this.

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