We did it!

YES! – Together, we made it happen – thank you!🙏🏽

We sincerely thank you for your generous donations towards our Tjeko Fun Village campground project. Your contributions allowed us to purchase high-quality tents that provide a comfortable and safe space for children to create unforgettable memories and have fun while exploring and learning new skills in nature.🏕

It was thrilling to see if we would be able to achieve our goal! Every day, we received additional donations. Although we were unsure if the donations would be sufficient to meet our goal, we persisted and eventually, on the final day, we successfully crossed the finish line!

We are excited to see the joy on the faces of our little campers as they visit our campground and explore the great outdoors. Your support has given us the opportunity to create such positive and meaningful experiences for these children, and we are grateful for it.🌳

Once again, thank you for making it possible for us to offer this amazing experience to children.

Your donation will have a lasting impact on their lives, and we appreciate your continued support.💚

Follow our journey by clicking on this link: https://tjeko.info/en/our-village-2/

Still want to donate and build along? Click on this link: https://tjeko.info/en/donate-now/

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