10 YEARS TJEKO// We would have loved to celebrate this year in Uganda!

Unfortunately it couldn’t be. It doesn’t change how special it is that we exist for 10 years this year! 10 years of discovering, stepping out, growing, learning and above all a lot of FUN!

We are grateful for the great team that has been involved and has been active for Tjeko since 2011! You guys are awesome!

Let’s go down memory lane to relive beautiful moments together!

We’ll start: in this video you can see the FIRST FunFair that was set up in 2011. That week 5000 children came to BE A CHILD! In recent years, more than 40,000 children have been introduced to their right to be a child, through the Tjeko Fun Fair alone!!!

Have you been involved with Tjeko at the time or in recent years? Share your favorite moment with us via (Instagram @tjekofunvillage) or tag us on Facebook!

To end with and always start from: Article 31 – Leisure, play and recreation | Play, sports and creative activities are very important for the development of a child. All children should therefore be given the time and space to play. They have the right to relax and they have the right to participate in sporting, cultural and artistic activities.

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