New Tjeko Location!

In 2018 we signed for our first office in Uganda. This office ensured that we could get started with the Tjeko Method from a very central point, namely Jinja Mainstreet!

Now three years later it was time for some more space, because Tjeko is growing! And we are very grateful for that.

Our team found a beautiful ‘Tjeko House’, to be able to propagate our work!

A spacious location is regularly sought for our Tjeko Fun Services, but now it is also possible from our own site.

Next to our new Tjeko office there is also a large lawn where we can inflate our air cushion and store a few trampolines. We also have a large driveway, where children can safely play with the go-karts and bicycles! The test round was last weekend.

We celebrated all this last week, with Ugandan snacks, drinks and of course a dance!

We count our blessings and look forward to all the possibilities from our new workplace in Uganda!

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On behalf of our team in Uganda and the Netherlands, thank you for all the support, financial support and encouragement. Without you it is not possible to do this great work! – Webale nyo (Thank you very much!)

2 thoughts on “New Tjeko Location!”

  1. Tjeko my ever best edutainment for children….am glad for the persiverence and ever growing spirit and ability.may you always see your dreams out of that strength of imagination….Tatiana…. peace….thanks for the courage

    • Dear Kudura, it is so nice to hear from you and to read your kind and encouraging words! – Greetings from the Tjeko Team!


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