TJEKO RADIO – it’s official now!

With the memories of our last Uganda visit fresh in my mind, I can just not stop smiling! Tjeko UG is not just on the radio – they now have our very own RADIO PROGRAM.

Let me explain – because I can hear you think: “but you guys were on the radio already!?”, and that is true. But up to now, we were ‘weekly guests’ on other peoples radio stations! Starting November (yes now!) Kiira FM has granted us our very own timeslot! 

Radio is still a very powerful medium to use. The Internet is great – but too big – and for many people, especially children, way too expensive, or altogether impossible to get to.

As we were talking with the team a while back, the question was: “What would you like most, concerning the radio program?”

“Our very own spot, on a Saturday afternoon.” 
“Saturday afternoon?” I asked curious.
“Yes, that’s the moment children are often coming back from working on the land.”
Hmm… one of those things you forget in the Netherlands… children all have physical labor to do…

So, in that way, these children have something to look forward to! Once they come home, they can tune in for an hour of edutainment with Tjeko Radio!

This comes on top of having our very own Tjeko Play Area now! Also something we’ve been doing for a while already, but always on somebody else’s land.
Put those two together – and Tjeko has made major steps forward this 2021!

Interested to know more about Tjeko or Tjeko Radio? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Blog written by Ferdi van den Bergh

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