Time flies when you are having fun!

It's already the end of November! A year goes by so fast.. and we have experienced a lot in the past year! We will shortly provide a summary of the year 2021 through our newsletter. Do you want to stay informed and receive the newsletter? Send an email to ask@tjeko.info and don't miss out! 

At the beginning of November we gathered with a number of Tjeko Volunteers (also known as the Tjeko Travellers) to meet each other. We had a good time together! We kicked off with an ice-breaker, Ferdi, Trudie and Mirai briefly shared about their trip to Uganda and their plans for the future. 

We ended the evening with pizzas and desserts! How good it is to come together, express hearts, desires and our wishes to each other. Because when we take small steps together, big things happen! We are looking forward to that!

Never underestimate the power of small steps because when done consistently they can take you the furthest! Every step you take is one step closer to your goal... so always remember that you are moving forward and make it your mission to take one step every day, no matter how small!

Would you like to contribute with your talents? Which can! Send us an email and let's see how we can empower each other!

Our thanks go out to all the wonderful people who use their precious time to make Tjeko even better and to give the children in Uganda a great childhood! Without you that is not possible.

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