50 families supported!

Last month we have been busy setting up the Support a Family campaign. Due to the current Covid19 pandemic we cannot continue, as we normally would, with the Tjeko Method. But we are not sitting still and are looking for opportunities to continue to reach children and their families. We believe we can do this together.

Together we are stronger!

We are so thankful!!! We have received so many reactions and donations from you all!! We can therefore tell you that the costs for the first 50 families have been covered. Even more has been donated, so that we can help even more families!

But… We will continue as Tjeko. Every family we support is one that has the money to buy food or get medical help.

Read more about the Covid19 Response Uganda and how you can help.

We would like to take you to Uganda and show you what your donation has done for Natukundo Sadiki.

Our employee Brenda has been working at Tjeko Fun Services since March and as a cycling program coordinator. Thanks to the Covid19 measures, she is, like the rest of our team, active in distributing care and game packages.

// I met a girl named Natukundo Sadiki, from Sakabusolo village, and the way she welcomed us was – T J E K OOOO – with a big smile on her face! I knew in my mind that I was not a visitor, but a friend. I answered back with ‘TJEKO TJEKO’! She told me that she recognized me from the Tjeko Live Lessons in her elementary school and that she will never forget the games we played; the eating contests and the breaking of balloons. ‘Oh my God.’ she said; Family Tjeko, you love us so much! You have come to visit us, we are so happy with your visit.// 💛❤️💛

Tjeko supports households in the immediate vicinity of our staff, which have been hit the hardest, by means of financial support and a helping hand.

Will you help?!

What doesn’t seem like much to us, can make a big difference for a family in Uganda. By donating € 40 you help a household or a student through this difficult period.

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