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In recent weeks we have been thinking about how we can support the local municipality in Uganda in this current situation. The reopening of schools is not expected anytime soon and the need is great! At the moment many people are without work at home, parents cannot support their families and therefore have no access to medical care.

Home visits by bicycle by Tjeko employees and volunteers.

Despite the fact that much is not possible, we want to continue to reach people. We do this in consultation and conversation with our team in Jinja. This means we immediately know what is going on, what is alive and what is needed.

The Tjeko team in Uganda is currently visiting families in different neighborhoods to talk about hygiene / covid-19 and to discuss the importance of playing with them. Our employees visit children in their community door to door and each family receives a package of play and care. The families will be visited several times by our team in the coming months.

Our team has put together hygiene and play packs to distribute to families who need it. Local tailors have been hired to make masks. They have made 3000 mouth caps that can be used soon. Furthermore, in the “hygiene” section there are hand soap, a jerry can to make your own hand washing station, special “Tjeko instructions” with COVID-19 guidelines, and the mouth masks.

The families also receive a package with games and ideas for the children. A board game, colored pencils and pens, a ball and a children’s diary. In this diary, designed by children, we help children to reflect on this situation and challenge them to develop their creativity. With the children’s diary we want to focus on their gaming experiences and their emotions during lock-down and recovery period.

Tjeko supports households in the immediate vicinity of our staff, which have been hit the hardest, by means of financial support and a helping hand.

Will you help?!

What doesn’t seem like much to us, can make a big difference to a family in Uganda. By donating € 40, you help a household or student through this difficult period.

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