Tjeko grows!

Tjeko has never really been an ordinary workplace, but rather a family business. And we (continue to) grow! In recent months we have welcomed four new part-time staff members. All four have worked with Tjeko before, during training or for volunteer work. Now they are building along for a longer period of time. Get to know Ronald, Lawrence, Shamim and Nicholas and read about the special ways in which they contribute.

My name is Oketcho Lawrence and I am 26 years old. I got to know Tjeko when Peace came to our church. She told me about Tjeko and in 2019 I attended the Tjeko Academy with 40 other young people. Together with Ronald and Nicholas I work on the land on the new Fun Village. We will ensure that the new piece of land gets ready for use. What I love about Tjeko is the great teamwork. There is respect for each other and everyone is welcome. I look forward to learning more new things during my time at Tjeko Uganda Limited!

My name is Nfaki Ronald and I am 28 years old. Through Peace I got to know Tjeko and in 2019 I completed the Tjeko Academy. I too am working on the new Tjeko Fun Village. My favorite thing about Tjeko is the way we work together. I look forward to developing more personally in how I can best guide the children too!

My name is Nakintu Shamim, I am 27 years old. I got to know Tjeko as a volunteer in 2017 (TA 2017). I am currently working at the Tjeko Fun Services. What I love about my work with Tjeko is having fun with the children in our Play Park. I like to do my very best so that Tjeko is the best in providing games for children! In addition, I like to contribute so that we are the greatest Play Professionals who create childhood memories, both in Uganda and in Africa in general.

I am Ochero Nicholas, 31 years old. I got to know Tjeko through the Live Lessons in schools, social media and the advertisement while I was doing the Tjeko Academy Training (2017). I am currently part of the Tjeko Fun Village as an estate manager. As I write to you, I am chopping the land using the mower. I love working at Tjeko because they create the most friendly environment for children. Every guest who comes to visit is always very happy. There is really a great sense of humanity and teamwork. I look forward to being the strongest team in the world by continuing to develop individually and organizationally. Also in the field of teamwork and effective communication.

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