Together we can do more!

A while ago I (Aman Seddiqi) passed by ‘The New Givers’. A platform where charities and organisations can share their mission and ask for help from professionals.

One of these organisations was Tjeko asking if someone could help with a new design for their white paper. I took on this challenge together with Mirai van der Burg – Mirza from Tjeko. She ensured that our collaboration went smoothly and that I understood Tjeko’s message well so that it could be reflected in the new whitepaper.

Aman Seddiqi
Bente ten Pas

Later on, Bente ten Pas joined, who designed the illustrations for the white paper and the document quickly became a beautiful whole.

My experience with the use of ‘The New Givers’ has been very positive. It’s a fantastic platform for professionals with some extra time and a good heart to contribute to charities that could use some help.

Curious about the result? Read the Whitepaper: The Power of Play – Play a way to learn!

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